Guide on how to clean an infected WordPress website by using Multiline Replace

This tool will allow you to search and replace multiple lines at the same time and help you in cleaning your infected WordPress site. This guide it’s also working for Joomla, Magento … infected websites with malicious php or javascript code.

Steps guide

0. Remember always to backup your WordPress website files before proceeding with this guide

1. Install Multiline Replace from – Download (Windows)

2. ZIP your infected WordPress complete site

3. Extract the zip file in your computer

4. Find the infected php code and copy it into your clipboard

5. Run multiline replace, find that php code and replace it with blank string

6. Check results, now php infected code should be removed

7. ZIP the cleaned files again to

8. Delete your online WordPress files or move to _old folder

9. Upload new zip into your hosting root folder

10. Extract all files

11. Check that WordPress site it’s working and running correctly

12. Update your WordPress plugins

13. Update your WordPress core to the latest version

14. Disable and delete old unused plugins

15. If something fails remember that you still have the original zip with infected files, uploading them back again should turn back site to original infected WordPress site

* = This information doesn’t have any warranty, please always remember to backup your files before using this guide